• As you know, as environmental awareness grows and home delivery services become more popular, so does the use of food containers. We believe it is our responsibility to do our part for the planet and promote the cycle of sustainability, from trees to paper pulp products to recycling, decomposition and composting.


    We specialize in the sale of various types of paper containers that are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. We pride ourselves on offering all types of custom printing to meet your unique needs.


    Our paper products are made from raw materials sourced from managed forests in Europe and America. It has passed FDA inspection, is non-toxic, eco-friendly and recyclable. Food hygiene certification has also been obtained, and both sides are PE laminated for excellent heat, oil, and moisture resistance.


    Additionally, our pulp and paper products are made from wood pulp sourced from economic forests and they degrade naturally. Like our paper products, it has passed FDA inspection, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and has passed food hygiene certification.


    We are committed to bringing eco-friendly products to businesses and consumers around the world, enabling all of us to contribute to protecting the planet.